It’s amazing to me how a would-be mother would risk her future kids turning out ok after being…
Robyn Su Miller

I “recommended” this post, but I don’t agree with it’s contents.

We don’t live in anything like an egalitarian society. Nor is the United States egalitarian relative to the rest of the world. We famously use far more resources per capita than most countries. To pick on expense of egg freezing and IVF as an example of inequality, when there are many others, seems misplaced.

The author is a very accomplished person and like many people of such accomplishments, she has career ambitions. In multiple dimensions, children place demands on women that are not placed on men. As she writes, this is a way to try to take control of the biological imperatives of aging. From my reading, there is a cost to this. A 10% chance of success and all of the pain and discomfort of egg freezing and IVF are, again, a cost that men do not have to bear.