Why Everyone Is Wrong About Pandora (Or — Who Should Buy Pandora)
Harry DeMott

I seem to be in the minority: I’ve been a Pandora subscriber since soon after they were founded.

I use Pandora as an example of content users not being willing to pay for content. I know lots of people who listen to Pandora, but very few who subscribe. I think about this issue a fair amount because people don’t pay for social networks either (well, not directly).

I think that Pandora may have a wide age range among their users. Speaking for myself, my days of going to rock concerts are over. This may be true of others around my age range (40s and 50s).

If this speculation has any validity, the ticket companies are not going to make much money on my demographic.

I’m saddened to read about Pandora’s problems, both because I am an avid user and because they are a company that deserves to succeed. The founders have worked incredibly hard to build the company that exists today.

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