Boston: Amazing Tech w/o the Misogyny
Amy Spurling

I speculate that one reason that the culture on the West Coast is so toxic is the cult like worship of young men in hoodies. Google, Facebook, Snap, Slack and many other companies were founded by young men where the startup was their first job.

This culture is not only misogynist, but it is a culture that explicitly discounts experience. This is a culture that has given rise to the white board interview where they pose technical problems but never ask about your accomplishments (because hey, your accomplishments might be greater than theirs and how awkward would that be).

The worship of youth has not always been the case in the Bay Area. In the 1990s and earlier, a company would have a difficult time getting venture capital funding without at least one experienced executive in the management team.

The dot-com boom and the companies that came out of it changed the landscape in many ways. For examle, Y-Combinator’s Paul Graham stating that his template for a company founder is Mark Zuckerberg.

The East Coast has not had as many wildly successful companies founded by 20-somethings. There may still be respect for experience, resulting in more experienced people running companies and VC funds. It can be hoped that with maturity and experience there is a little less misogyny.

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