If you post your thoughts and ideas on a public platform, then you are hopefully looking for meaningful engagement around your ideas. That will mean both agreement and disagreement.
Stop Saying “If You Don’t Like What I Write, Block Me”
Elliot Nichols

I think that this is true, up to a point. I am interested in opposing views and problems in my thinking. But there are also times when argument becomes pointless. The person you’re discussing things with is unable to address the points you make and only addresses their agenda. From the other side, this tends to be their view of you as well.

I ran into this recently. There’s this guy Ron Collins who posts rants about the evils of feminism. I tried to re-frame feminism as a human rights issue. That feminism is about the human right to get equal pay, equal access and not being subject to sexual harassment (among other things). All I got in return is more rant about the evils of feminism, especially as expressed by academic feminists, combined with blather about masculinity and femininity.

There’s nothing that I am going to write that is going to get through to Mr. Collins. He’s got his thesis and he is not going to veer from it. I’m sure that he would view me as being equally obtuse.

Time is one of the most limited resources I have. I don’t want to spend precious time in pointless debate. It’s a waste of time and I don’t enjoy it.

If Mr. Collins had kept going after me, I certainly would have blocked him. I know he would disagree, but I view his anti-feminist rants as misogynist. I find them unpleasant to read.

I reserve the right to choose who I interact with and who I spend time with. I have outgrown the desire to indulge in endless flame wars. I’d rather spend my time on other things.

I don’t have close friends who are Trump supporters and, back in the day, I didn’t have close friends who were G.W. Bush supporters. I read a lot so I understand something of their world view. I just passionately disagree with this world view.