When Your Secret Nazi Past Costs You Your Job
Ester Bloom

I’m a First Amendment purist too. The government should not be allowed to suppress free speech, except in exceptional cases.

This does not mean that free speech is without consequence.

Life is complicated and people change. Sometimes people mature and outgrow racism. Sometimes there are other factors.

There is an outspoken feminist writer who, back-in-the-day, apparently had a sexual relationship with a notorious racist. According to her detractors, she said some things that she would now regret. What ever the case, none of her writing or her current actions reflect racist beliefs. Much the opposite. Should we forever hold this past against her?

We all make mistakes. I often feel that my life can be summed us as “mistakes I have made”. We have to look at people as they are now, not as they were.

One of the problems with the Internet is that it never forgets. If nothing else, there’s the Wayback Machine. One of the reasons that we created nderground is to give people a safer place to interact with their friends.

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