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Josh Marshall, the Editor and CEO of Talking Points Memo writes that he doesn’t think that Trump can succeed in launching the “Trump News Network”.

The capital required for such a venture it just too large, Marshall writes. The return on the investment would be years away. Any prudent investor would also note that Trump is a terrible manager who has a long history of screwing his business partners.

These are all valid points. But I’m not so sure that the Trump News Network is so easily dismissed. There are some deep pockets out there who might be willing to fund the Trump News Network. Most notably Robert Mercer, who has backed Trump and has funded the right wing “news” organization Breitbart. The Trump News Network might not be viewed so much as an investment as a cause.

A Trump News Network investor may also have in mind the fact that something like 40% of the voters remain fervent Trump supporters (or anti-Hillary voters). This, combined with what seems to be a decline in Fox News, may be an opening for the Trump News Network.

Time will tell…