Something that a lot of writers are terrible at doing.
Oliver Shiny

Marketing is really hard. I was very fortunate to spend some time today talking to someone who explained some of the issues where I’m falling short when it comes to marketing nderground.

One problem in publishing is that they take 80% of the prices of the book and don’t give you much in return if you’re not an established writer. If you’re going to do the layout, proof reading and marketing yourself, then Amazon might be a good choice.

One of the problems with creating a product, whether it’s a book or nderground, is determining whether anyone wants what you created. Although they can be dramatically wrong, one service that book publishers can provide is a judgement about whether anyone might want to read your book.

If you self-publish on Amazon then you have to be sensitive to the fact that you might not be a good enough writer for a readership. Or if you are a good enough writer, you have not caught on yet. Which begs the question, how do you know.

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