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My hope is that there is room in the social network ecosystem around the edges of Facebook.

I really hate the fact that Facebook shows me content from friends-of-friends. I see posts from people I don’t know. Or in some cases from people I know, but don’t want to know about.

Facebook is also a dream for an identity thief. Many people post their actual birthday, where they work and where they live.

We built nderground because privacy is important to us. It remains to be seen how important it is to others.

The problem with social networks is that initially you don’t have a group. Facebook solves this problem by bombarding you with contacts from people who know you friends (and might know you).

Facebook does have one feature that I’m planning to add to nderground: the private group. The nderground karass is restrictive. All relationships are one-to-one. You can only see content from people in your karass.

In the case of an nderground group you would be able to join a group and see all of the posts, although you might not know the other people in the group.

nderground has nothing like the Facebook feed. nderground is more like the original Facebook, where you only see posts on your board or your friends board.

I was surprised by how much Instagram sucks. I am in the process of adding galleries to nderground. I want the kind of galleries that I will like using. Galleries that allow you to curate your photographs so your friends can see them.

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