why we believe Mayer’s leadership has been actively negative for the company’s shareholders and employees
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Eric Jackson

My take on this is that Ms. Mayer has taken on an impossible task. Yahoo’s sun set long ago, leaving only a few valuable components (finance.yahoo.com, Yahoo email, for example). The rest is a hulk of increasing irrelevance. Who visits Yahoo these days? And for what?

Reading this criticism of Ms. Mayer I was left wondering if the author actually knows what he’s talking about.

Hedge fund guys (and they’re mostly guys) don’t have a great history when it comes to managing companies (although they do have a history of being egomaniacs with a “Master of the Universe” complex). One example is the great job that Edward Lampert has done with Sears.

What (good) hedge fund guys have a talent for is looking at companies and seeing break up value. Lets be honest, that’s what is being discussed here.

The proposal is basically: Figure out a way to avoid paying a big chunk of taxes, spin off the few parts of Yahoo that still have value (finance.yahoo.com) and shut down the rest. All this talk of cost savings is really a distraction.

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