And what better source for the last point than House Hunters International?
House Hunters International’s Guide to Escaping Trump and Becoming an Expat

My wife and I were on House Hunters International.

House Hunters International is not one of those reality shows where they try to make the people on the show look bad or fight. In the universe of reality TV shows, HHI are decent people.

This is “reality television”. HHI has a storyline that they want. Although they don’t script the show, but they pick the houses you see and the broad direction of the dialog.

When it comes to some of the details, like the house prices, some of these are invented as well.

The show films over five days, for the 21 minutes that is actually on the show. Every time you go in and out of a room, they film four or five takes, from different angles. They are careful that only one person talks at a time, since if two people are talking they can’t cut the video.

I should also mention that everyone who is shown on the show has already bought their house.

At least in our case, our Real Estate Agent set up the HHI episode. He already knew us, so there was no drama between us.

Buying a house in a foreign country, even a country with European law, is a complex issue. This is not something that you do in the short time covered in the show.

We did, in fact, buy a house with stainless steel appliances and granite counter tops… Europeans like modern kitchens too.

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