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Not that I know much about Medium’s content machinations, but I’m surprised that this happened. I don’t know if I’ve even read the Medium TOS. What is it that set them off? Was it some user who flagged a post and Medium mindlessly acted on it.

I agree that this is a struggling platform. In part this is a result of the fact that Medium has come along at a time when people are increasingly disenchanted by ads and run ad blockers. How do you monetize in this developing environment? Sites like Medium have bills to pay, how do they manage to pay their bills.

Given the size of Medium’s venture capital investment, subscriptions are not going to work. But ads don’t seem to work either.

At the very least it seems wise to co-publish anything you are care about on another platform that you control since Medium may go away one of these days. Not necessarily with advance notice.

I’ve been working on a group feature for nderground. To test out the feature, the first group that I’m going to create is an nderground discussion group that is available to everyone who is logged into nderground.

This discussion catalyzed the idea that I could take the posts that I’ve written here and seed the nderground group with these posts. That way if Medium goes away, I’ll still have copies of the content that I care about.

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