Here’s How to Start Closing Silicon Valley’s Age Gap
Steven Levy

One thing that makes me uncomfortable about this discussion is that it’s mainly a bunch of older white guys who are complaining (I see one of these guys in the mirror when I shave).

We’ve been on top most of our lives, benefiting from white and patriarchal privilege. Then one day we discover that hey, we’re discriminated against. Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of outrage!

I always try to maintain perspective in this discussion. Age discrimination is worse for women, in every job, especially in Silicon Valley. At least experience engineers are not talking about their “last fuckable day”.

Discrimination against people of color is even worse. All you have to do is listen to Donald Trump go after Latinos to be reminded once again that there’s far to go.

I prefer to see age discrimination in a larger context. Hiring and promotion has bias. Bias against women, against people of color, people with different sexual orientations. And people who are older.

What I hope for myself is to see as clearly as I can as a flawed human being. When I am in a hiring role, I hope that I will see the person for their skills and talents, rather than things that have nothing to do with the job.

All that I ask when I am interviewing for a job is the same thing. And a selection process that is not stacked against me and biased in favor of younger people. A selection process that will, as much as possible, see me for what I can bring to the table, not the grey hair and the waist that is not as thin as it once was.