Polls Show that Trump’s Popularity Jumped After the Election

Read it and weep. It’s probably good to remind ourselves that we’re living in a bubble on Medium and on the two coasts. Unfortunately well informed and engaged voters are critical to a well functioning republic.

From Politico:
It’s a dramatic uptick since the election. Trump’s favorability has grown 9 points, 37 percent to 46 percent, compared to a Morning Consult poll right before the election — while his unfavorability has dropped 15 points, from 61 percent to 46 percent.
“Trump’s favorability among voters has reached new highs since he became president-elect,” said Morning Consult cofounder and Chief Research Officer Kyle Dropp. “This honeymoon phase is common for new presidents. For example, Obama saw about a 20 point swing in his favor following the 2008 election.”
Trump is also getting high marks for his transition effort. Nineteen percent of those polled believe it is more organized than past efforts and another 34 percent believe the transition is about the same [emphasis added], according to the poll that Morning Consult conducted Nov. 16–18.
[…] “many of the initial transition picks including Reince Priebus, Steve Bannon and Jeff Sessions are still largely unknown to Americans.”