Tech may be the most ageist of industries, but thanks to thought leaders like you, Silicon Valley is ahead of the curve — true to form — in promoting this discussion.
These suggestions are terrific.
Ashton Applewhite

Posts on Medium do not the world or Silicon Valley make. I think you’re right that culture has to change. But there’s a long way to go. As I just wrote:

The only reason that people don’t admit to practicing age discrimination is that it might get them sued. If it were not for the fear of legal consequences, we would probably see start-up companies boasting about how their staff is all in their 20s. They would be touting how their staff was in that Mark Zuckerberg prime for starting and working at a start-up.

I also think that there’s the issue of generational conflict, which is not being discussed. This seems to be a constant in human culture.

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