I think you and I have some work to do here.
H. Nemesis Nyx

Thank you for the kind words H. I like you too.

What I wrote is that in my opinion, the guy is not worth SF Ali’s time or my time. But your milage may vary. I’m certainly not saying that you should not respond.

When someone writes the kind of things that this guy writes (I don’t even recall his name now), there is no point in arguing. His arguments are so absurd and ridiculous that they don’t deserve a response.

When I read about some of the things that Trump supporters believe or that they write, I feel like we’re living in different worlds.

NPR had a short piece about fake news. Apparently this stuff is just clickbait. There’s a guy who writes a lot of this stuff to get click and ad traffic. He said that a lot of what he writes is either obviously wrong or can easily be fact checked to discover that it’s wrong. With more than a bit of self-justification, he said that he expected the articles he posted would be quickly debunked.

The fake-news guy and others observed that the Trump supporters and the Fox News crowd doesn’t actually care if something is true or not. If it fits into their world view, they explicitly don’t care whether it's factual.

Trump is such a dramatically unqualified candidate and President that there’s really little to say. Even if Hillary Clinton were guilty of all that the Trump supporters say she is (which of course is not the case), she would be far, far less corrupt than Trump. All you to do is look at his history. Hillary Clinton is also far more competent.

To quote my wife: the real reason that Hillary Clinton is not president is that she’s a woman. That’s it. Everything else is justification for why people want to vote against a woman.

In the face of this, there’s no point in trying to persuade these people. I think that events will do more than persuasion ever could. Trump is already selling out his supporters and he’s not even in office yet. The only part of his platform that he’s going to honor is the part about harassing and deporting Latino people.

I believe that history flows in waves. This is not to say that there are not people who can change the course of history. I believe that G.W. Bush produced a different, and worse, history than Al Gore would have. But in general I think that when there are waves of history, people don’t matter that much. There is a force and flow of events. I believe that this is what we are seeing in our current time. Trump is not a seminal actor, he is a symptom of the force of history.

I hate to disappoint you H, but long ago I promised myself that I would stay out of the way of the wave. I don’t think that standing in front of the wave does any good. My objective has always been to be one of those who got out of Nazi Germany, not Dietrich Bonhoeffer who died there.

I’ve written several posts about how much I like Voltaire’s novella Candide. At the end of Candide, after going through many trials and tribulations, Candide says that he just wants to tend his own garden. This is my view too.

If you think about it, this ethos is also behind the creation of nderground. nderground is all about privacy and providing a safe space. As long as you don’t plot violence or illegal acts you can write or post anything on nderground. In particular, you can write those things that you might be afraid to post publically in our new Age of Trump.

nderground has been getting a small boomlet of signups (many thanks!) I think that Trump is a reason for this.

Again, I apologize if I disappoint you, H. But I’m not going to join you on the barricades. I’m going to get the fuck out of town.