Fake Bar

Thanks for another great piece of writing Jules.

I hope that in building nderground we’re not just building another shitty pub. Maybe a pub that still has some exposed beams waiting for sheetrock and needs some remodeling (my web design skills are weak).

My hope is that by building a social network that is constructed around privacy, that connects only close friends, without any friend-of-friend leakage, nderground will not be a shitty pub.

The curated life, where everyone is happy and shiny all the time, the stock in trade of the shitty pub, will not make as much sense for nderground. No one outside your Karass (your group of friends) can see anything you post. There are no privacy settings: nderground is private. My hope is that nderground will be more like being at home, sitting around in your track pants.

When a connection on nderground is broken, the ex-group member will never see anything you post, even if you are friends with their friends. You could, for example, post on your friends nderground board and your ex-group member will not see the post. You can’t stalk your exes and they can’t stalk you.

Which, of course, begs the question of why you aren’t actually sitting around at home in your track pants, spending time with your friends and family.

We have a much more fluid culture now, where people move geographically. It’s harder to share pictures and what’s going on in your life when you’re 3,000 miles away. That’s what is driving people to go to the shitty pub and drink flat beer. The need to connect with people you care about, who are far away, remains. The question is, can we build something that is not a shitty pub.

I don’t know, but I’m trying. I would be very grateful for any suggestions that you have, dear reader (support@nderground.net). I ask our users for suggestions, but only a few have responded, so I could use your help.

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