11 second startup is plenty fast for autoscaling.
Don Neufeld

Thanks for the note, Don. I’ve been nervous about scaling because its so hard to test. Tools like “bees with machine guns” just test hitting your web pages. It’s a lot harder to test realistic load. Nathaniel Felsen points out that I can also scale vertically for a while.

I’ve made use of the AWS Loft in San Francisco, but the Loft engineers are not always that experienced when it comes to real scaling issues.

I’ve been getting a remarkable amount of mileage from a t2.micro instance. It has not gone down in the many months I’ve been using it and it is currently handling all of the CPU I need (I distribute database operations over RDS/Postgres and DynamoDB). So as Nathaniel points out, I could also scale up to a t2.medium and then t2.large.

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