Serving Images from AWS Lambda
John McKim

Thanks for the post, John McKim. I appreciate it. Images uploaded to nderground are already stored on S3. Looking at my New Relic logs it doesn’t appear that nderground suffered an AWS outage.

The content of nderground is dynamically generated and private. So I don’t think that Cloudfront would be useful right now.

Thanks for the note about application lag.

There are some complexities introduced by nderground’s privacy architecture.

Nothing on nderground is visible on the Internet. Images and other content are only displayed to those who have permission to see it. Authentication is handled through encrypted session variables (cookies). The problem is, session variables are handled via the HTTP session. I’ll have to do some thinking about how this would be passed on to a Lambda instance.

“Severless” has lots of conceptual attractions (scalability, lower AWS bills). But there are a lot of complexities here.

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