Living Under the Radar in a Digital World
Randi Lee Harper

That is some hard core security.

I was sad to read about why you were forced into doing this. No one should have to live with threats like this. The tragedy is that when I’ve read about threats like this, it is alway women who are the targets and it is always men making the threats. What a fucked up species we are that some men have this kind of reaction to an outspoken woman.

One of our objectives in building nderground was to provide the desirable features of a social network, in a private setting. I don’t know if nderground lives up to your privacy requirements, but I’d like to offer nderground as a service for you and your friends.

The site is live, the board is done. I’m working on the nderground galleries now. When they’re done, I think that it will be a great way to curate your photos and share them with a select group of friends. I’m building the photo curation and display features that I want to use. I am looking forward to putting my photo collection up on nderground.

nderground has been built with a focus on security. If you encounter any security issues, I would be grateful if you would let me know (there’s a support page with our contact information).

Any other suggestions and comments are most welcome as well.

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