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Biz Stone

The acquisition that Biz Stone refers to is apparently his relaunched start-up Jelly getting bought by Pinterest.

As far as I could tell, the core idea behind Jelly was that lots of people would volunteer their time to answer questions submitted via Jelly. If it all worked out, the time these people volunteered would make Biz Stone richer. Perhaps Biz Stone figured that if it worked for Stackoverflow, it would work for Jelly. Strangely, the business model doesn’t seem to have worked and Jelly has been acquired by Pinterest, another site whose attractions escape me.

From what I can tell, Biz Stone’s main talent has been to be at the right place, at the right time, so he could follow Ev Williams to fame and fortune.

As I recall, Ev Williams went to Google. When Stone tried to follow Williams to Google, they did not hire him until Williams lobbied for him. From Google, Stone followed Williams to Odeo and then finally to Twitter, where Stone successfully lobbied for the title of “co-founder”.

Stone certainly earned a right to claim the co-founder title. He was one of the early people working on Twitter, when it was a side project inside Odeo, a podcasting startup.
But, Stone wasn’t the inventor of Twitter. He was just an employee who happened to be at Odeo and worked on some early designs of the product. It wasn’t a slam-dunk that he should be given co-founder credit.

Twitter remains a struggling company whose acquisition by a larger company only awaits the moment when its stock drops low enough. I don’t think that Biz Stone filling the “Biz shaped hole” at Twitter is going to turn them around. But who knows…

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