Clinton Foundation: Making America’s Richest Kids Healthier!
Amy Sterling Casil

The Clinton Foundation has been around for years now. The fact that this post appears now can only be interpreted as an attack on Clinton to support Trump.

Whatever strengths and weaknesses the Clinton Foundation has, at least it’s a real foundation. Unlike the Trump Foundation which is being treated as Trumps personal piggy bank and tax avoidance scheme.

I find it deeply ironic that Hillary Clinton’s honesty is being criticized by Trump and his supporters. Trump is the most dishonest and compromised candidate to run for President in the modern era.

Trump has refused to release his tax returns or disclose any of his financial connections. There is reason to believe that Trump is in debt to the Russian oligarchs that surround Russian President Putin.

Are you aware that there is currently no law against the President using his office for personal gain? The shady dealings of a President Trump would make the current Trump look like a choirboy.

Then there’s Trump’s misogyny which has been on stark display the last few days.

In the face of all this, you’re going on about the Clinton Foundation? Talk about a double standard.

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