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The crackdown on illegal immigrants is hitting the central valley farm labor pool hard. Some farmers have said that they are surprised that this is happening. They thought that all of Trump’s talk about illegal immigration was just something he said to get elected. Now they are surprised that Trump is actually doing what he said he would do, at least in this area. Apparently they were not paying enough attention to notice that Trump has surrounded himself with white nationalists.

Republican votes don’t matter in California, since Republicans are so outnumbered by Democratic voters. This was not always the case. At one time California has a substantial population of Republican voters. Demographics was one reason that this changed. But another reason that is often given are the anti-immigrant policies of Governor Pete Wilson. After Wilson California started its movement toward being a deeply “blue” state. In the last election a Republican could not finish in the top two candidates for the federal Senate election.

Right now things are dark for Democrats and progressives. Assuming that the Republic survives, the Republican Party, now the Party of Trump, may not survive. Or at least they may spend a long time in the political wilderness, as they so richly deserve.

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