Are your popular pieces an accurate reflection of what people want you to write, or not? Maybe chasing the green-heart dragon will help you suss it out. Maybe it’s not a bad thing to be driven by metrics, at least in part. Maybe it helps us know ourselves better so we know how to communicate better about the things that matter to us?
Writing and the Looking Glass Self
Kel Campbell

The most popular piece I’ve ever written on Medium recounted how I told an Amazon recruiter that I’d pass after reading the NY Times article (with its many comments) on the savage culture at Amazon. It tapped into a theme of the moment.

I don’t think that the popularity of a piece reflects anything more than its popularity with Medium readers. Medium readers seem to be drawn heavily from technology and, within that, from Web and mobile applications (articles on web design tend to do well).

I like all of your writing, Kel and follow you on Medium so I don’t miss what you post. I have particularly enjoyed the posts on your experience as a woman and on feminism.

My take on Medium is that if you put a lot of time into your writing, publish it on your own venue and cross post on Medium. For one thing, that might drive a little traffic to the other venue.

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