They want total control over every bit of code, to whatever extent possible, running in their systems
From Not Invented Here to Never Invented Here

The Not Invented Here faction also never ships and if they do ship, the code is full of bugs.

nderground has been built on the shoulders of giants in the open source community.

I’ve had to write about 15K lines of code, but there is a vast amount of code that I have not had to write. I’ve built on top of the Oracle (was Sun), Apache, Amazon, Hibernate and Spring code bases. I’ve been able to use numerous other, less famous, packages that support operations like Web scaling and image manipulation. This is a staggerly huge body of code that I’ve been able to make use of.

Not to mention the fact that nderground is deployed on Apache Tomcat and supported by GNU/Linux.

The not invented here mindset is an impossible one for any large scale software development.

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