Flounces and Frills
Augusta Khalil Ibrahim

The quilt is amazing, Augustkhalilibrahim.

My wife and I were considering building a house. I used Pinterest to collect some “found on the Web” photos of styles that I liked. I found that Pinterest was difficult to use. It was easy to link to a photo that was already on Pinterest, but it was difficult and sometimes impossible (for me) to link to photos that I found on other sites. Also, I don’t recall and easy way to add comments to the found photos.

This left me wondering what the attraction of Pinterest was. I still don’t really understand, since I found Pinterest so difficult to use.

I speculate that one problem that Pinterest has is the reuse of other people’s content. If, for example, I publish a photo on my web site, this does not mean that someone else has permission to use this photo for commercial purposes.

If Pinterest re-displays my photo for commercial purposes (which is what Pinterest does) I could, I speculate, go after them with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Which may be why it is so difficult to link to other web content.

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