The site has an elegant discussion on the cost that a lack of privacy incurs in our free expression.

User posts and photos on sites like Facebook and Instagram are date mined in ways that are completely opaque to users. As Social Cooling notes, algorithms that make use of the data extracted from social networking sites may have costs that the users didn’t expect.

There is an alternative: nderground is a social network built for privacy. On nderground nothing you post can be seen on the wider Internet. Your posts and photos are only shared with those in your social circle (your Karass).

On nderground you’re never going to have “Facebook fame”, but you will not pay the unexpected costs incurred by sites like Facebook.

Often, your posts and photos on Facebook are exposed to friends-of-friends. This means that what you post may reach a wider audience than you intended and may be used in ways that you didn’t expect.

On nderground, posts are not leaked to friends of friends. Only your circle sees what your post or your photos.

Experience has shown that that privacy has a cost. You must explicitly build your circle of friends and family on nderground. Your social group does not come pre-packaged as it does on Facebook.

We have tried to make building your social group on nderground as easy as possible and we are constantly working to improve in this area. But users still have to take an active part in constructing their social network. Not everyone is willing to put in this effort. But then privacy has never been free.