The Uncanny Valley in n+1

The magazine n+1 is a strange beast. They have a lot of academic style articles on art and literature (think a more hip Granta). They don’t seem to have managed the tao of Amazon Web Services, so their web performance is less than great. But every once in a while they have some remarkable articles. Years ago they published a great series that was a long detailed interview with an anonymous hedge fund manager. Well, OK, it was great if you have worked in finance.

In a recent issue they published The Uncanny Valley by Anna Wiener, which is a well written account by a 30 year old woman about working for a San Francisco technology company. I found it both an enjoyable and a depressing read.

As I mentioned, n+1 has not mastered the art of web scaling so you may need to have patience with their servers. They better never publish a picture of Kim Kardashian’s butt.