The Baffling Reason Why So Many Millennials Hate Baby Boomers
Holly Wood, PhD 🌹

There are a few things that the “boomer” generation did deliver. To name a few:

  • The ability to build microprocessors that have the power that supercomputers had in the past.
  • The technology to support the Internet, so that Holly Wood can indulge in inter-generational warfare, while pretending that her generation will be better than those in the past.
  • Mobile computing devices that deliver something close to pervasive computing.
  • Progress against cancer so that it is not always the death sentence it once was.
  • Paul Krugman
  • Elizabeth Warren
  • William Gibson
  • And so on…

Each generation has their virtues and faults. Our great people and our terrible people. Take a look at the Millennial Republicans in the US House of Representatives to see an example of Millennials who are even more toxic than the Boomers they replaced.

The human race has remained remarkably unchanged from the last five thousand years of history (if you’re willing to think of Homer as history). Technological progress has given birth to social progress, but we’re still the same assholes we were in classical Greece.

Our species is insane and there doesn’t seem to be any progress toward sanity. The Millennial generation is just as insane as those who came before them and will come after them.

Sorry, Holly, your generation is not a special snowflake. - a social network for Millennials, built by Boomers. We built nderground for those who realize the social exposure has its problems.

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