A couple months later, I tweeted about depression and anxiety and my great appreciation for Lexapro, which had given me relief from both (now it’s Prozac).
Marriage, Divorce and Vulnerability in the Age of Social Media
Dara Resnik

There is a lot of discrimination against people who have depression or other mental conditions. I am glad to read that you had a positive experience publicly describing your struggles with depression and getting treatment. But others have not always had as positive an experience.

For example, members of the Armed Services have a higher than normal rate of untreated depression and suicide. There are a number of reasons for this. But one reason may be that people in the Armed Forces often have to maintain a security clearance. There is often a belief that admitting to a condition like depression could result in losing a clearance.

The costs of posting personal information on the Internet exists for many professions, including medical doctors, psychologists and people in legal or law enforcement professions.

I agree that we are social creatures. We want to connect with other people. But unfortunately that connection is not always without cost.

This is why we built nderground. We wanted a place where people could connect with those in their lives, without having to worry about whether what they post can or will be used against them.

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