I left Facebook — Not Social Media
Jenn Marie

There is a pernicious problem with social media: people have been taught that it’s free.

Obviously computer servers, Internet bandwidth, support and software engineering cost money. Sites like Facebook offer “free” social media by making the users the product.

Another issue with Facebook is that the very philosophy it was founded on is that your life is public. On Facebook you not only see what your friends post, but what their friends post.

We built nderground from the ground up with privacy in mind. You can share photos of your children without these photos being seen by anyone you didn’t intend to see them.

The issue of being able to support a “free” site remains a problem. Right now, nderground is free and doesn’t run ads. However, at some point this becomes problematic. As nderground’s user base gets bigger, the costs rise.

For a host of reasons, we’re not wild about running ads. But subscription models have failed for other social media sites.

Since Trump won the electoral collect we have seen a boomlet in nderground signups. A number of new signups are using secure mail accounts like proton mail. So there’s definitely an increasing interest in privacy.

I suppose that nderground is a bit like Medium (but without the venture capital): we’re still waiting to see how things evolve so that we can support the site in the long term.

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