Standing for Hubspot
Nada Elkady

This post doesn’t reference any of Dan Lyons’ writing about HubSpot, so let me provide a reference from the New York Times:

His post on LinkedIn is even more illuminating:

When It Comes to Age Bias, Tech Companies Don’t Even Bother to Lie

Lyons also has a book out that describes his experience with Hubspot. When I finish reading it, I will post a review on Medium.

We all have to make a choice with who we deal with.

Although I am very aware of Amazon’s employment practices, in both their warehouses and in their engineering groups, I remain an Amazon customer. nderground is hosted on Amazon Web Services and over time I will be paying larger and larger Amazon bills.

Obviously I live in a glass house. But let's at least try to be honest about what Dan Lyons wrote and the company he described. If you choose to do business with HubSpot at least be honest about who you are dealing with. The company that Dan Lyons describes embodies some of the worst of Silicon Valley.

As an experienced engineer, I don’t like companies that practice age discrimination, especially in such naked terms. The HubSpot that Dan Lyons describes is not a company that I want anything to do with.

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