Once it’s replaced, HTML and CSS will go away, JavaScript and the DOM will go away, Angular, React, Ember, Meteor, Backbone, Knockout, Express, etc., will all go away.
You need to understand the purpose and intent of JavaScript Non Grata.
Richard Kenneth Eng

This sounds like a far away paradise.

I just spent a few days revamping the web design of nderground. Getting the externally facing pages to be at least somewhat mobile friendly took a day and a half, working from a template that I purchased.

I find web design a constant frustration. For example, I never could get my internal navigation bars to style the way I wanted.

We are using web technology that is over twenty years old. It was never designed for what we use it for, so web design consists of a bunch of arbitrary hacks (CSS, jQuery, Bootstrap.js, etc…).

On top of all of the pain of web design is the fact that web content never quite displays properly on a mobile device, even if you use responsive frameworks like Bootstrap.

To go beyond an adequate user experience to a good one on a mobile device you have to build a mobile app (in not one, but two flavors — Android and iOS).

Sadly, it seems like we are far away from the paradise that you describe, Richard.

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