There is so much sexism and racism going on in tech and in startups that it is impossible for our world to be above the rest.
Building A Startup Doesn’t Make You Special.
Jon Westenberg — Startup Blogger ↗

To this I’d add discrimination against experienced engineers (also known as older engineers, also known as anyone over 40).

One of the motivations for building nderground was fury at the discrimination in Silicon Valley. To those young software faddists who would never hire us because we don’t fit into their “culture” (of 20-something men who build phone apps), we say “Fuck you, we are nderground - we built a scalable social network on AWS”. We forged nderground out of decades of experience building software systems.

We don’t follow fads. We don’t use Node.js, we don’t use MongoDB, we don’t use Rails. We built for scalability and security.

For more on nderground see our Medium post announcing out open beta test period.

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