Why I Stopped Banking With Wells Fargo
Hannah Thurman

Wells Fargo has a long history of being abusive to their customers. They worked against mortgage holders attempts to keep their houses in foreclosure during the housing crisis. And then there was the notorious involuntary customer signup.

In many cases you can bank with a local Credit Union. Credit Unions had no part in the banking abuses that lead to the financial crisis. Credit union fees are often lower.

Credit Unions are sometimes problematic when you need backing services outside of standard services like saving and checking accounts. For example, I periodically need to make wire transfers overseas. The process for doing this was extremely cumbersome and expensive at my Credit Union.

Since my Credit Union could not provide the services I wanted in an efficient manner, I started looking at large banks. I really didn’t want to deal with a bank that had been a major part of the financial crisis. I also wanted good customer service.

I found out that Charles Schwab has a bank. They provide all of the normal banking services (saving and checking accounts). Their wire transfers can be done on line, and then verified with a phone call. Rather than paying $45 for a wire transfer at my Credit Union, Charles Schwab only charges $25. Charles Schwab also has the best customer service I have ever encounter at any financial institution.

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