False stereotypes are irrational, of course. And I'm not trying to justify stupidity.
Jazi Zilber

What if age is a factor in technology? What if we find out that people with less experience tend to build systems using poorly chosen technology that are full of bugs, don’t scale and get hacked as soon as they start to get notice? What if we find that systems built by inexperienced people get hacked because these people never even thought about security until they got hacked? What if we find out that this is a pattern often followed by start-ups?

Stupid stereotypes are abhorrent. That icon of the hoodie wearing, young male ivy league drop-out might not actually hold water.

There’s this libertarian argument that you seem to be spouting here that discrimination will be countered by markets. Except that this has never happened. People continue to discriminate even when it is not in their best interests. To make a wider statement: people are not rational actors and often do not act in their best interests. When it comes to discrimination some people would do anything rather than hire a member of a group that they don’t like or are uncomfortable with.