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What is reprehensible is that Snapchat didn’t make the location information a feature that is turned off by default. Then you should either be asked if you want to tag a snap or, if you get tired of this, be required to explicitly turn location on.

I’ve been thinking of developing an Android app for nderground. One of the attractions of a cellphone app is that you have access to location information that you don’t necessarily have from the web application. The idea being that you could tell your group that you’re in a particular place. But I would make this an explicit operation. And I would never tag underground posts with location information.

There remains the issue of the EXIF location information (location, time and date) in photos. Right now I think that this is being left in the photos that are up-loaded.

With nderground this should be less of a privacy issue, since what’s posted on nderground stays on nderground. Your group might be able to extract your location and time information, but it will not be available to the wider Internet.

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