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Wow, sucks to be among the unbelievers I guess. Although of the three books in Dante’s Divine Comedy, I like Inferno the best. At least in Dante’s vision, Hell has all of the interesting people. Dante’s Heaven in crushingly boring.

On a more serious note… I’ve always found it remarkable that an eternity of horrible torture would be visited upon someone for finite crime (whatever they do in their brief lifetime).

If you read science fiction, I recommend Ian M. Bank’s novel Surface Detail, which has a pretty interesting take on the theme of Hell. In this case, a hell created for an uploaded consciousness.

God has indeed blessed America with freedoms.

Among the freedoms that we have in the United States is freedom of religion, which includes freedom from religion, if one so desires. Our constitution is very clear about the separation between church and state.

The founders of the United States were rebelling against a state that had established religion. They were very clear that there should be no state established religion in the United States.

Trump has been learning about the “establishment clause” in the Constitution: there can be no state established religion. Put another way, this is not a Christian country, but a country in which Christians live with many other faiths or those who have no faith.