In case you hadn’t noticed, I’m very excited about Service Workers. It’s doubly exciting to see the efforts the Chrome on Android team are making to make the web a first-class citizen.
The web on my phone
Jeremy Keith

You can never trust the client, whether the client is a web browser or a mobile device. The client can always be corrupted and altered in an attempt to compromise transactions.

To me this means that I put my business logic and verification on the server. With the server I can lock down access and I have a higher confidence that my code has not been corrupted.

With this in mind, I don’t see how the web can be a “first-class citizen”. Web clients should always be treated as untrusted partners who may have been corrupted.

Web security is really, really hard. The more a client application diverges from the purpose of presentation, interaction and visualization, the more chance there is that it will be compromised.

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