Seven Months of (Working at) Squarespace
Christine Cha

You didn’t ask, but here’s some feedback on the Square Space product. Personally, I found it unusable.

About a year ago I thought that I would create a web site for a house that we rent via short term rentals. I don’t have a lot of time, so I thought that I’d try Square Space. After spending a few hours trying to get the pages to layout and failing to get sub-pages to work, I gave up. I could create a web site in HTML, CSS and JavaScript in less time that it would take me to create a site on Square Space.

Apparently Square Space has many, many users who have had a different experience. Perhaps they were trying to create something that was more in line with the prepackaged sites, rather than something customized. Or perhaps the existing Square Space users were willing to dedicate more time than I was. I wanted something that was faster than writing HTML myself.

What ever the reason, trying to build a web site with Square Space proved to be frustrating. At this point, if I decide to build a web site for our house, I’ll bring it up on Amazon Web Services. I have some really great photo gallery code that I developed for nderground, and it would be great to use it for a custom site.

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