Preclose is a faster, modern way for real estate agents to manage their buyer and seller’s real estate closing experience.
First Day as a Tech Entrepreneur
Rebecca Guthrie

You have more experience than I do. But having been through a few real estate transactions, I don’t see managing them as something that needs automation.

At least in California, there are two components: getting the loan finalized (on the buyer’s side) and the title company (on the seller’s side).

Post financial crash getting a loan finalized is an even more miserable experience than it was, but this is handled by whoever it is that is originating the loan. The title company handles the rest.

The buyer has to get the loan. The seller gets a title company. Many people don’t realize how easy it is to do the transaction since the details are handled by the title company.

Especially in a hot real estate market, the actual value provided by real estate agents is minimal. We keep getting flyers where real estate agents boast of selling properties in under a week. The obvious question is: why does anyone need them if the market is so hot?

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