Analyzing Kate Spade’s Website
Kristen Thometz

I think the text message bubble was applied to this specific headline because of the content within the frame. The other two frames display rooms with a variety of Kate Spade products staged in the space. Whereas the gift headline we are discussing displays one product. The bag displayed was purposely chosen and appeals to women, mother’s day and spring time in general. The designer’s task may have been to make that headline stand out the most because it is the most relevant at this time. In addition, I would argue that the copy “I found her gift!” Is the only copy that actually sounds like a message that would be shared through text. There would be a disconnect if “for the love of art.” was placed in a text bubble because most readers would not relate to sending a text as obscure as that. I don’t think the choice to ornament that one specific headline throws off the balance of the page’s composition. I think it was a thoughtful choice done in a subtle way.

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