Facebook’s Logo, Color Scheme Says “Trust Us”
Kristen Thometz

It’s ironic that you discussed the blue in Facebook this week. Last week in my media and cultural studies class we talked about the meaning behind Facebook’s blue color palette as well and someone brought up that Mark Zuckerberg is red-green colorblind. He chose the color blue for the website because it is the only color he can fully see. Although this color was not chosen specifically with the science of color marketing in mind, I think blue works in Facebook’s favor in all the ways you’ve mentioned as having a safe and calming vibe that makes people feel comfortable.
If Facebook were to change to a forest green color, it could change the dynamics of how people engage with the site in multiple ways. Businesses and entrepreneurs use Facebook to market their products and services but I could see that increasing as the color green emotes a sense of wealth, prosperity and luck. It has been made clear over the years that social media, especially Facebook, fosters self-depreciating behaviors that cause people to compare themselves to others they follow online. A green color scheme on Facebook could further reinforce an online environment that causes adverse behaviors such as jealously because envy has historically been symbolized by the color green.
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