How I became a UI/UX Designer with no prior experience

A transition from mass communications to graphic design before I dived into a world of unknown.

In 2014,

In 2015,

Soon, I realised that I was lost — smack in the middle of everything.

How graphic design impacted me

Enter Photoshop,

“Wow, you’re so pretty, it’s as if someone photoshopped your face.”

“Oh God, I look like I’m photoshopped into this picture.”

Juxtapose: I was well-versed with creating a logo based on the golden ratio, but I knew nuts about adjusting the exposure on a video camera.

So, I became a freelancer.

“Are you sure you know what you’re doing? If I recall, you’re not exactly trained in this, aren’t you?”

I was naïve.

All I had was my Macbook which I paid with money I loaned from my father, my Behance portfolio and a thirst for something more fulfilling.

So I quit.

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A snapshot I sent to my friend a back in January of my courses on Udemy. I completed 6 of them here!

Yet, I constantly reminded myself that I couldn’t study anything programming-related in a reputable university.

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Results from Glassdoor by searching “UI UX”.

Which begs the question, how did I even land a UI/UX job in the first place?

Why did I choose UI/UX?

How did I get the job?

#1 — Actually working on something UI/UX-related before

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Profile app screen of HiFly (
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Account settings app screen of HiFly (

#2 — Reading up UXPin’s E-books

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A collection of e-books on UI/UX design (

#3— Learning to Code online

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Fundamentals yet fun tutorials on programming (

#4 —Keeping a set of principles that are considered valuable to potential employers

Putting them Altogether

Looking Forward

Happy designing! :D

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I like designing and building things that make sense, small to big.

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