How to make your Windows PC look more like an expensive Mac with Apple-quality fonts (for free!)

First, you’ll need to download a free app called MacType at:

And then the CTP version (which fixes a compatibility issue) at:

Install the downloaded file, ‘MacTypeInstaller_[date]_0.exe’, in default mode & “Run as Administrator (Standalone loading mode)” on.

(Note: The app seems to install in Japanese by default, so you’ll probably want to switch it to English as soon as it lets you)

Click the “Load with MacTray” checkbox

When it finishes installing, you’ll want to right-click on the icon, and exit it, and restart or log out of Windows (in order to make sure the files are .

When you finish restarting, extract the file (using something like, open the “MacType_CTP_[date]_W10” folder and manually drag & drop all the files into your installation folder (usually C:\Program Files\MacType), overwriting the existing ones (this will probably require that you grant administrator privileges) to do so.

That’s it! Your budget-conscious Windows PC now has the ability to display fonts nearly identically to an price-gouging Apple device!

Feel free to reach out to me if I’ve missed anything & I’ll be sure to amend this note. Thanks!