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Even though she wanted to stay, she knew she had to leave.

She couldn’t stay in this place any longer, as much as she wanted to. It was her safety bubble but she was being forced to “escape” this world. Escape? This wasn’t escaping to her, someone was ripping her away from everything she cared about. Everything was here. Everything.

People surrounded her constantly, asking about it. What was there to ask about it, anyways? It was bound to happen. She had not even sorted out all the details, yet all these expectations were being placed on her. She was feeling this constant pressure, just building up inside her chest as the date was slowly approaching day by day.

She wished these things wouldn’t change. Everything seemed to be temporary around her this last year, with people leaving more often. And soon she would be one of them, going on this whole new journey to an unfamiliar place. She would leave behind the old scents, old friends, old scenery, and it would all be replaced. When she replaced these things, would she get replaced?

This was a whole new kind of scary she had never felt before. She had definitely heard all about it, though. These people who asked her about it would also tell. Tell their stories of the leaving, the changing, their life.

She feared of the day she would leave her home and family to go off to college. She wanted to stay here. But, it was time to leave.

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