A full year of 30 days challenges: Start

I bet Torbjorn Sandbakk challenges himself quite often as well.

30 days challenges are awesome.

They help you stretch your willpower muscle, they help you grow and keep you on your toes. Some habits stick, some don’t, but you still get a deeper understanding of how it would feel, for you, to be “on the other side” — and then adjust to fit your own lifestyle and preferences. Also, the blog posts describing time-boxed challenges are some of favorite to read (and write, back in the day when I used to run a blog for over a year).

​Because of this, and also because I was inspired by both Anca and Nicoleta, I decided to take a full year of challenges. Some might not be exactly 30 days-long, some might vary depending on the opportunities, some might stretch way beyond the 30 days mark, some might overlap. We’ll see. If you’d like to join me along this little journey, click that “Follow” button near the little icon with my face and my red scarf. And click ️️the ❤️️ as well, I know you like to make people happy — and you’d make me very happy!

Some possible contenders:

  • doing a talk inside the company-> at a small meetup-> at a big conference (public speaking still scares me) — UPDATE: IN PROGRESS.
  • organising an event by myself
  • creating a youtube music channel and sharing a mix each week (using the other days to curate the music)
  • doing the Elimination diet — in order to check my food sensitivities — UPDATE: IN PROGRESS.
  • a strength workout challenge (might be something related to kettlebells)
  • no sugar
  • no alcohol
  • 30 days coding challenge (on Free Code Camp)
  • a minimalist challenge (30 days with 10 clothing items, maybe?) — UPDATE: DONE.
  • not buying anything new for a month
  • 1 photo a day challenge
  • tracking the time for everything I do (with Toggl)
  • minimum 30 second planking every day
  • drawing (logos, t-shirts, whatever)
  • minimum 30 minutes daily book reading
  • no coffee
  • eating only home cooked meals
  • waking up early
  • 5 min of daily running (don’t judge me, I’m an absolute beginner)
  • writing something to be grateful about every day
  • writing a short ebook

Do you have a challenge you’d also like to start? Having some suggestions for me? Comment below.