Thanks Andrea. Regarding the timing, the team debated numbers quite a lot.
Mike Belshe

So a handful of CEOs and few miners can change the protocol, and if you are on a holiday and/or don’t follow Twitter much you won’t know anything about it.

And finding those 2–3 key persons that grant you enough hash-power is all you need to change the protocol. Even with polls indicating 90% dissent, the development community all against, traders all betting against, and dissenting tweet-storms all over the place.

And this is fine for you. You don’t see anything wrong with that. Is this the way you see the next protocol upgrade work, and the one after that?

Even if you happen to fancy this particular change, you should object in principle to try to achieve a change in such a manner, no matter how much you like it, and no matter if it suits the business model of your company.