#CES 2016 – How I’ve seen it

I did not plan to get to Las Vegas this year. I didn’t plan anything in advance: a plane, hotels or even a badge.

The idea of getting to CES 2016 was born while riding on our new forklift — during our long hours of relocating Power Tower’s assembly facility with Damian. Damian is Power Tower’s Chief Product Officer and my dear friend.

On Jan 4th, I got my one-way ticket from Midway (Chicago) to McCarren International Airport leaving on January 6th. I didn’t have much time to organize anything before the take off (birthday and such). I got the hotel when I landed in Arizona for the first night at fabulous Golden Nuggets hotel (later we moved down to the strip), took a Uber and spend the evening in my favorite part of Las Vegas: Fremont Street.

The exhibition was separated into 3 locations we started out first day (Jan 7) at Tech West at the Venetian Conference Center. We had a fruitful visit to one of our suppliers, walked around the floors and found couple interesting products. We ended up having a Damian’s birthday dinner at Grand Canal.

We started the second day (Jan 8) from the South Hall and we were able to make it to the Central Hall.

VR gaming sets made a great impression on us.

I love Wycleaf Jean and was pleased to see his performance at the Creative booth.

I personally got very excited about the personal transportation drones. We both think this kind of transportation will be part of our lives within a decade.

Then Parrot SA emerged with dancing drones shows and amazing solutions from kids fun to agricultural solutions.

Finally, we made it to the Central Hall. We visited Samsung and LG. It seems that no one cares about the flat screen anymore — most of the TVs were curved. We liked their products, and IOT approach to their devices, but none of them wanted to show us their flexible screen (we weren’t VIP enough I guess).

We got so excited that we decided to stay one more day and make sure we have seen all the novelties presented at the expo.

Third day and North Hall exploration did not disappoint. Concept cars were thrilling.

We went back to the Central Hall to double check PS4 VR set. Gaming and VR go together as much as peas and carrots.

On the way out, Gibson booth hired Wesley Wolfe from Tangible Formats, who figured out how to record a vinyl in the real time. Yes, I’ve recorded my first blues on vinyl, and it was startling — the experience (my guitar skills are highly questionable). I grabbed an In-N-Out grilled cheese and took off to Laguna Niguel to visit my old friend.

It seems to us that the important developments of 2016 will be in VR (I believe that VR will do exactly what internet did to the printed journals in one particular industry), drones were huge as well as IOF.

Originally published at myfirstventurefunding.wordpress.com on January 14, 2016.

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