ReDesign Aurora
Laurie Marcellin

Just yesterday I found myself in a conversation with a kindergarten teacher and I realized that todays kindergarten students will graduate around 2030. It seems surreal to think that far into the future especially being born in the 20th century. Can we really name skills that students will need 14 years from now or jobs they might be afforded? It’s hard to tell. Something we can identify and build in students is a passion for learning. A passion and a desire for genuine learning along with curiosity will certainly span the test of time regardless of skills. How do we cultivate this passion consistently? How do we inspire students to answer there own questions effectively and with certainty? How do we support student curiosity and interest? Skills (20th, 21st, 22nd etc…) may change, however, when there is a genuine desire to learn and an absence of barriers to the learning possibilities, the skills will inherently be developed.

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