Talia is young living breathing human being— she only had 2 choices — work for shit pay (to make…
Joe Weil

Joe, you didn’t answer his question. If this girl was straight up lying to everyone, saying how she can’t survive, she’s waking up from hunger pains, only eating rice, blah blah blah, yet she goes and buys these “luxury” items. That’s completely wrong. Someone in her situation doesn’t have the luxury to buy those kind of things. Which is why they’re called luxury items.

I don’t know Talia nor do I follow her on Instagram (I don’t even have Instagram), but this just reminds me of this:

Just SOUNDS like a dishonest person trying to say things that would invoke people’s sympathies in order to get some sort of charity out of it.

BUT, like I said, I do not know Talia, so I really hope all this talk about her that contradicts her original story is just misinterpreted information (e.g. those items were gifts). But then again, some people would do anything for literally anything….

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